Introducing the Supreme Eagle® III

The fastest, most scalable NIKSUN® platform. Ever.

Reach new heights with Supreme Eagle® III, the world's most advanced network capture solution. Unlimited storage, unlimited throughput, right in your data center.
20x more
computing power
5x higer
storage density with unlimited expandable storage
60% less
power consumption
Supreme Eagle® scales to exponential rises in traffic volumes
Faster Processing
More Storage
NIKSUN's proprietary parallel processing architecture combats increasing traffic flow rates
More Efficient
More Throughput
Pre-built, optimized analytic modules adapt to any traffic type or applications. Supreme Eagle® III is natively capable with NIKSUN's modular Everest platform. Easily add capabilities and additional metadata for your network traffic. We can handle any use case and any environment.
With zero loss capture and nanosecond granularity, NIKSUN Supreme Eagle® III offers industry leading data accuracy. Drill to a single packet for back-in-time forensic analysis and never miss a thing again.
Analyze data lakes and unlock meaningful insight. NIKSUN Supreme Eagle® III is the most energy, storage, and price efficient offering ever. Maximize your performance per dollar while lowering your network footprint.

Cluster Computing

Ready for clustering and scalable performance

Grid Computing

Out-of-the-box ready for distributed processing and analysis

Fault Tolerant Hardware

Designed with component and system level fault tolerant hardware

Hot Swap Components

Built in redundancy and hot swap capabilities

NEBS Compliant

Ready for telecom and ISP networks
*Performance numbers are when compared to Supreme Eagle® II

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