Next generation security information and event management solution


Full packet capture with stream-to-disk recording, real-time indexing and application analytics for network/application performance

The Necessity of Full Packet Capture

FPC with complete analytics at the packet, session, and all the way to application layer

NIKSUN NetDetector®

Full packet capture, application fingerprinting/reconstruction, IDS and anomaly detection


Actionable real-time enterprise network and service delivery visibility

NIKSUN NetDetectorLive

Full power of NetDetector with real-time reconstruction, indexing and content alarming. Use for proactive cyber security, data leakage prevention, and real-time surveillance

NIKSUN NetTradeWatch

Financial transactions and associated market data feeds analysis for financial markets

NIKSUN NetMobility®

Monitor performance and security in next-generation mobile networks

NIKSUN Virtual NetDetectorLive

Virtual solution for cyber security, data leakage prevention, and real-time surveillance


Virtualized solution for proactive network, services and application monitoring

NIKSUN Virtual NetDetector

Comprehensive and actionable solution for securing virtual networks

NIKSUN FlowAggregator and NetPoller

Scalable flow and SNMP monitoring

NIKSUN NikOS Everest

The fastest Data-in-motion Analytics Platform


Lightweight and luggable network monitoring solution

NIKSUN Supreme Eagle®

A single hardware platform with recording and analysis speeds exceeding 100 Gbps

NIKSUN IntelliDefend®

Notebook size full packet capture, and forensics/analytics device for branch offices

NIKSUN IntelliFlow

A fully featured packet broker that provides a collection of network monitoring tools with access to traffic from a large number of network links


Power of NetVCR in a lightweight, notebook-sized device for branch offices, department levels, and other applications

NIKSUN NetBlackBox® Pro

NetVCR-like full packet capture and archiving but without the extensive metadata warehouse, providing a cost-effective, flexible solution for network/application performance analysis, forensics and more

NIKSUN PhoneSweep®

The industry's best analog tool, capable of detecting 470+ types of systems

Company Overview

NIKSUN's mission, market need, partnerships, customers and sales offices

NIKSUN NetXperts

Customizable expert analysis and incident reporting

NIKSUN Solution Modules

Proactive network visibility solutions

NIKSUN NetVoice®

Analyzing Voice over IP traffic, providing insight into both the media stream performance and call session quality


Enterprise-wide network data aggregation and reporting

NIKSUN Central Manager

Enterprise-wide remote appliance management

Independent Reviews

Testimonials from customers, analysts and industry experts

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