NIKSUN Announces NIKSUN NetTradeWatch for Financial Trading

Published on: 01-11-2011

Precision, Real-Time Microburst Monitoring Solution Enables Financial Trading Firms to Increase Transaction Fidelity, Reduce Risk, and Improve Market Insight

Princeton, NJ - January 11, 2011 – NIKSUN, Inc., a world leader in real-time, enterprise network surveillance solutions, today unveiled NIKSUN’s  NetTradeWatch™ solution for monitoring transactions and delivering actionable intelligence in the highly dynamic and complex  network environment for high-frequency trading. NIKSUN NetTradeWatch analyzes complex messaging architectures and disparate information sources, while troubleshooting and reporting on market data, trade transactions, and transformed data, providing a unique, comprehensive monitoring solution.

In today’s fast-paced environment, ultra low latency delivery of time-sensitive market data feeds coupled with high speed algorithmic analysis is essential to making successful trading decisions. With multi-billion dollar trading strategies based on the fastest access to valuable market data, precise and reliable insight on delay in the delivery of this data is critical. With such high stakes, NIKSUN NetTradeWatch adheres to Forrester Research’s Zero Trust Model.

"In Zero Trust, all network traffic is untrusted. Thus, security professionals must verify and secure all resources, limit and strictly enforce access control, and inspect and log all network traffic,” according to the  November 2010 independent Forrester Research, Inc. report, Build Security Into Your Network’s DNA: The Zero Trust Network Architecture.

The Zero Trust Model uses a data-centric perspective. The trading floor in particular requires that connectivity, transport, and security are integrated.  Successful trading requires that the network environment continually executes at peak efficiency and adapts to dynamic changes in the paths to trading execution.  Fine time-scale measurements such as microbursts, multicast gaps, and hop latencies must be quickly understood and resolved. NIKSUN NetTradeWatch™ expertly correlates market data with feed handlers and execution engines, providing a precise hop-by-hop understanding of latencies and end-to-end execution metrics.

NIKSUN NetTradeWatch™ continuously monitors all data feeds as they pour in from exchanges and alerts on gaps or out-of-sequence data feeds, proactively detecting any loss of mission critical information. Each alert is directly linked to packet-level metadata and meaningful metrics for quick identification of the source of network congestion and establishes root-cause correction of trade-related problems.

When venues open, networks are flooded with an enormous volume of trades and usage, which makes analyzing and resolving high-frequency trading network performance issues a major challenge. To effectively monitor microbursts, it is critical for network managers to easily view issues and perform drill-down analysis. NIKSUN NetTradeWatch™ provides a holistic, end-to-end visualization to help solve problems at a glance through a user-configurable dashboard.

“NIKSUN NetTradeWatch™ is the pinnacle of NIKSUN’s suite of transaction monitoring solutions. The high-frequency trading venue is a critical component of the financial network infrastructure that must be carefully and expertly monitored in a myriad of ways to ensure optimal execution of trade strategies,” said Dr. Parag Pruthi, CEO and Founder of NIKSUN, Inc. “NIKSUN NetTradeWatch brings a whole new dimension of information to trading firms for tick-to-trade optimization on a transaction-by-transaction basis.”

NIKSUN NetTradeWatch™ is available immediately. For more information, visit NIKSUN's website at

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