NIKSUN Announces ArcSight Technology Partnership

Published on: 09-20-2010

Princeton, New Jersey, September 20, 2010 -- NIKSUN, a leader in real-time enterprise network surveillance solutions, today announced that it has been certified by ArcSight for compliance with its Common Event Format (CEF) Partner program. This interoperability will arm customers with a solution for comprehensive defense of hosted intellectual property, mission-critical network services and infrastructure.

NIKSUN’s adoption of CEF enables seamless interoperability of information from NIKSUN NetDetector with ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM), for enterprise-wide correlation of security threats and forensic incident investigation. Several Fortune 1000 enterprise and government customers are already taking advantage of this interoperability to quickly and easily connect to aggregate, filter, correlate and analyze events.

"NIKSUN brings valuable capabilities to ArcSight customers through the CEF partner program. Interoperability of NIKSUN’s network security solution with the ArcSight platform enhances the enterprise-wide data-security and in-depth forensics available to our customers,” said Jeff Scheel, senior vice president of business development at ArcSight “This partnership provides a direct link between the correlated alerts in the ArcSight platform and the forensic information that NIKSUN provides so that security analysts can better understand security breaches and take steps to prevent them in the future.”

NIKSUN NetDetector is an appliance based solution for network security surveillance, signature and anomaly based detection, analytics and forensics. It complements existing network security tools such as firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, SIMs/SIEMs, and switches/routers. Analysis of the aggregated information from NIKSUN NetDetector, in combination with the wealth of other log information collected through ArcSight’s solutions, will enable customers to get an integrated single view of any security incident, breach, unacceptable use of corporate resources, and non-compliance issue.

“NIKSUN’s aim is holistic network security. Our partnership with ArcSight provides our mutual customers with an interoperable security solution where our products communicate with one another to provide this holistic security,” said Syed Rashid, VP Corporate Business Development.

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