Dr. Parag Pruthi to Accept Frost & Sullivan's Customer Value Leadership Award

Published on: 09-16-2014

Princeton, NJ, September 16, 2014 — NIKSUN ® Inc., the world leader in cyber security and network monitoring solutions, announced today that it was recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the 2014 Global Network Performance and Cyber Security Customer Value Leadership Award for offering a plethora of products for effective network functioning such as the NetVCR, NetOmni, and NetDetector products for comprehensive cyber security application, and service network performance monitoring. Dr. Parag Pruthi, NIKSUN Founder, Chairman, and CEO, will accept the award on-stage at Frost & Sullivan’s Awards Gala at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California this evening.

NIKSUN offers solutions to protect customers’ critical infrastructure while also helping to reduce their overall costs. Frost & Sullivan’s research finds that NIKSUN is offering the right kind of products at the right time for customers to sustain and grow their businesses.

In a letter of congratulations from Frost & Sullivan Chairman, David Frigstad, to NIKSUN Founder, Chairman, & CEO, Dr. Parag Pruthi: “You may be wondering how we chose you. The answer is that we sent out a team of Frost & Sullivan analysts and industry experts on a global hunt for companies achieving dual excellence in two critical areas: Customer Value and Growth Success. Put another way, we were searching for companies that not only had a vision for a high-quality total customer experience, but used those insights to achieve growth above the industry average. We asked our global network of consultants and analysts to monitor, screen, and analyze creative practices within their regions. We spoke to industry peers. We vetted our findings with an independent board of directors. At the end of our process, one company stood out from the rest, and that company was yours.”

Dr. Pruthi said of the Award: “We at Team NIKSUN are proud and honored to receive this prestigious award by Frost & Sullivan, a highly regarded and trusted analyst firm in the IT industry.  This Network Performance and Cyber Security Award continues our momentum and we applaud Frost & Sullivan for their continuing unbiased and expert evaluations of leaders in the IT market.”

In an effort to continually grow its offerings, NIKSUN also recently unveiled its Alpine 4.5 Release, which makes NIKSUN the first in the industry to provide real-time analytics for data rates exceeding 100Gbps. No longer is it necessary to move captured data off to other devices for analytical purposes. NIKSUN’s Alpine 4.5 performs capture and analysis on the same appliance, giving end users the benefit of instant analytics. Additionally, Alpine 4.5 saves valuable analysis time while reducing rack space and energy costs to a quarter over current-generation solutions. This is a true revolution for security and performance monitoring using a holistic solution for Cloud Computing environments, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT).

“Our Alpine 4.5 Release, which expertly provides scalable capture and analysis in machine-to-machine (M2M) and IoT environments for Big Data, directly addresses the ‘Always Online’ generation,” said Dr. Pruthi.

Learn more about the Frost & Sullivan Award.


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