NIKSUN NetTradeWatch Datasheet

Integrated Tick to Trade Monitoring
Analyze, troubleshoot and report on high volumes of market data, trade transactions and transformed data with this integrated solution for the securities industry. Use the wealth of information in the NIKSUN Knowledge Warehouse for insight into end-to-end execution metrics.

Precise Ultra Low Latency Measurements
Quickly and precisely analyze microbursts, multicast gaps and hop-by-hop latencies at fine time scales to ensure reliable, ultra low latency data delivery. Proactively detect and alarm on loss and latency measurements and link them with metrics provided to establish root cause.

Holistic, End-to-End Visualization
Easily visualize data in a wide variety of user-configurable modes in-line with business goals. Create end-to-end views for holistic tick-to-trade visualization or any number of customized views with network metrics specific to business units.

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