Dr. Parag Pruthi, Founder, Chairman and CEO

Dr. Pruthi brings over twenty-five years of expertise in the network security, wireless and applications analysis industry. Dr. Pruthi is the founder of NIKSUN which he has built from a startup to a highly successful global company leading the way in the cyber security, wireless and network monitoring markets.

Dr. Pruthi is widely recognized as the founding father of packet capture, stream to disk, bit vacuum, and other related technologies which he introduced to the market in 1997 through the enormously popular NetVCR. He is also widely accepted as one of the leading innovators in the field of cyber security. In 2001 he introduced the NetDetector as the only device in the world capable of multi gigabits per second line rate recording and simultaneous analysis, reconstruction and replay in order to discover the source of security incidents and identification of potential information leakage. This ground-breaking invention led to the creation and growth of the field of network forensics.

Recognized as one of the foremost experts in advanced cyber security technologies, Dr. Pruthi advises on cyber defense strategies at the highest levels of governments and enterprises, both nationally and globally. He is a frequent speaker on cyber security issues, including keynotes to delegates from across 28 NATO nations, agencies, and strategic commands at the NATO Information Assurance Symposium 2010-2013.

Dr. Pruthi holds a Bachelor´s degree in Electrical Engineering, a Master´s in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology, and a Doctorate in Telecommunications from The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. His thesis, "An Application of Chaotic Maps to Packet Traffic Modeling," was the first to apply chaotic and fractal or self-similar systems to accurately model the seemingly erratic nature of network traffic. Dr. Pruthi is General Co-Chair for the Global Wireless Summit which combines four global conferences: NIKSUN´s World Wide Security & Mobility Conference (WWSMC); the Wireless Vitae (European); the Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications Symposium (Asian); and PRISMS (the successor of MobiSec). Dr. Pruthi is also a member of the Steering Board for the "Journal of Cyber Security & Mobility."


Satish Pruthi, President, COO and CFO

Mr. Satish Pruthi has been actively involved with NIKSUN since the last quarter of 1998. He has a wide range of business experience, spanning over 36 years, with both small and large companies, and has participated in three business startups. He has also played a key role in turning around various divisions of large multinational companies in the U.A.E. Mr. Pruthi was the founder of, and has served as the President of various multinational companies such as, APEX USA INC, and WOTEK INC (New Jersey, USA). He has also served as the General Manager of Jumma-Al-Majid Est. and Al Futtaim Group in U.A.E., where he built-up market leadership in various divisions of these companies starting with a staff of around 20 to a steadily increasing staff of more than 400 within three years. Mr. Pruthi brings extensive practical experience in business operations, including but not limited to: operations, marketing, and financing.   Mr. Pruthi is the guiding light which keeps NIKSUN on firm footing even at times of tremendous growth.


Chris Dervishian, VP, Operations

Chris Dervishian is NIKSUN’s VP, Operations. He holds multiple degrees in electrical engineering, with a hands-on engineering background. In addition, Chris earned a law degree, with commensurate experience negotiating high-tech transactions. This provides Chris with a balanced perspective to manage both operational and in-house legal matters, as senior counsel. Mr. Dervishian's area of expertise includes electronics and software technologies, intellectual property protection, semiconductor design and fabrication, computer architecture, networking and image processing. Prior to joining NIKSUN, Mr. Dervishian practiced at the law firm of RatnerPrestia, and worked as a Member of Technical Staff at Bellcore (now Telcordia) and as a Development Engineer at Moore Products, where he gained significant operations expertise. Mr. Dervishian graduated Cum Laude with a J.D. from the Widener University School of Law. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Lehigh University and his Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California.


Chris Mac-Stoker, Distinguished Engineer and ED, Product Management

Chris "Skip" Mac-Stoker is a twenty-year technology industry veteran with deep experience in the large-scale networking, infrastructure, high-performance & super-computing industry sectors. As Distinguished Engineer and Executive Director, Product Management, Chris steers the technical direction of NIKSUN's product portfolio.

Before joining NIKSUN, Chris began his career on Wall St. as a NOC Manager, becoming a consulting design engineer for trading infrastructures generating billions in revenue at tier one banks and hedge funds, specializing in high availability, data integrity/security issues, and multi-discipline failure analysis.


Andrew Heybey, VP, Chief Architect

Mr. Heybey is Chief Architect at NIKSUN Inc. and is responsible for the design, architecture and implementation of NIKSUN's core technologies. He has over 20 years of experience in operating systems, networking and software engineering.  A core member of the NIKSUN team, Mr. Heybey has led NIKSUN's design and development efforts since 1998 and has been instrumental in bringing the company's patented technology to market. He has extensive experience in implementing and leading complex multi-faceted projects involving extremely high rate network traffic processing, data warehousing, application analytics, forensics and security.

Mr. Heybey received his BS and MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He has worked in research at MIT and Telcordia (formerly Bellcore) before joining NIKSUN as Chief Architect.


Dr. Walter Willinger, Chief Scientist

Dr. Walter Willinger joined NIKSUN in 2013 as Chief Scientist, responsible for leading NIKUN’s Innovation Center.

You may know that he is very well known for his work on the self-similar ("fractal") nature of Internet traffic, and his paper "On the Self-Similar Nature of Ethernet Traffic" is featured in "The Best of the Best - Fifty Years of Communications and Networking Research," a 2007 IEEE Communications Society book compiling the most outstanding papers published in the communications and networking field in the last half century.

Before joining NIKSUN, Dr. Willinger worked at AT&T Labs-Research in Florham Park, NJ from 1996 to 2013 and at Bellcore Applied Research from 1986 to 1996. Since 2000, he has focused on investigating the topological structure of the Internet and on developing a theoretical foundation for the study of large-scale communication networks such as the Internet. Dr. Willinger received his Dipl. Math. from the ETH Zurich in 1980 and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University in 1987. He is a Fellow of ACM (2005), Fellow of IEEE (2005), AT&T Fellow (2007), and Fellow of SIAM (2009) and co-recipient of the 1995 IEEE Communications Society W.R. Bennett Prize Paper Award, the 1996 IEEE W.R.G. Baker Prize Award, and the 2005 ACM/Sigcomm Test-of-Time Paper Award.


Paul Spencer, VP of Engineering

Mr. Spencer has over 20 years of technical and managerial experience in Software Engineering and Data Communications Technology. He has tremendous experience in managing complex design projects and cross-functional teams focused on the delivery of products from concept to production. His expertise lies in being a change agent in establishing and implementing cutting-edge design, infrastructure, and processes necessary to meet the demands of a high growth market.


Prior to joining NIKSUN, Mr. Spencer was the R&D Director of Architecture, Systems Engineering, and Applications for IPC Systems, where he was responsible for the specification and development of their next generation voice trading applications. Before IPC, he worked at AEP Networks as a General Manager of Secure Cloud Access. Among other things, his responsibilities included projects associated with new software releases, including the overall product life cycle from market requirements, budget, architecture and design reviews, and customer support. Mr. Spencer originally started with NIKSUN in January 2000 as a Senior Software Engineer working on the early versions of NetVCR and NetDetector, and rose through the ranks to become the VP of Engineering from 2004 to 2008.

Mr. Spencer received a MS in Computer Science from Polytechnic University and a BS from City College of New York. He has also presented his work at various seminars and written numerous papers on a variety of topics. Among his many achievements include a patent for a software algorithm and apparatus he created for achieving high-speed packet data collection in support of network accounting and usage sensitive billing.


James Van Bokkelen, VP, Security Forensics

Mr. Van Bokkelen joins NIKSUN with 28 years of experience in operations, sales, marketing and software development. He has been an entrepreneur with broad interest in networking and communication. His recent focus has been on recognition, analysis, forensics and visualization of network traffic and data.

Prior to joining NIKSUN, Mr. Van Bokkelen was Founder and President of Sandstorm Enterprises Inc., a developer of IP network and security monitoring solutions and telephone systems scanning software. Mr. Van Bokkelen was with Sandstorm from its inception in 1998 to its acquisition by NIKSUN in 2010. At Sandstorm, he also served as the primary architect of NetIntercept, a network forensics analysis tool. Previously, he had been a founder of FTP Software, a pioneer in the internet access field, serving at various times as President, VP Sales and Marketing and VP Engineering. Earlier in his career, he worked as Manager of Software Development at Perception Technology, a pioneer in the Voice Response area.

Mr. Van Bokkelen attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His publications include internet RFCs and other contributions to the IETF.


Bryan Kerl, VP, Sales, North America

Mr. Kerl has served as NIKSUN’s Vice President of Sales, North America since September 2013 and as Regional Vice President of Sales, prior to that. Mr. Kerl joined NIKSUN in 2007 with over 25 years of extensive sales experience and has successfully negotiated multi-million dollar contracts. Prior to joining NIKSUN, he worked in various high-tech companies, managing sales teams in multiple leadership positions, including nine years at Tecmar/Rexon where he was Vice President of Sales.

Brian holds a B.S. degree from Northeastern University in Business Administration with a Major in Marketing and Minor in Computer.


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